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X'PROCHEM, your future partner

X'PROCHEM can help you design and manufacture your therapeutic proteins. We guarantee that your proteins will be of the highest purity, free from biological contaminants, endotoxins and isoforms.

Expertise in Chemical Protein Manufacturing

X’PROCHEM teams possess recognized expertise in the chemical manufacturing of proteins. Applied to each project, this expertise enables the quick assessment of feasibility and offers optimized and tailored solutions to maximize the therapeutic potential of the developed proteins.

A 100% Controlled Manufacturing Process

Automated and robotic, X’PROCHEM’s molecular assembly technology integrates into a reproducible manufacturing process, allowing the rapid adaptation of production scale at various stages of product development.

An Innovative Solution to Tackle Challenges

X’PROCHEM’s technology provides turnkey solutions to address the most challenging protein manufacturing issues:

  • Producing proteins chemically, up to 400 amino acids, with complete structural control
  • Obtaining a protein pure enough for use in human health
  • Designing and producing proteins which can’t be produced by biological methods (membrane proteins, toxins, etc.)
  • Optimizing the structure of a molecule to maximize its therapeutic efficacy
  • Introducing specific modifications

Some examples of modifications include