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Building together tomorrow’s therapeutic proteins.

Designing your therapeutic proteins with the highest purity, free from biological contamination, endotoxins, and isoforms.

X’PROCHEM relies on an automated molecular assembly platform. Each protein is meticulously assembled amino acid by amino acid, utilizing a completely controlled production chain: a more precise and versatile technology which surpasses the limitations of traditional chemical and biological production methods.

Our innovative technology is based on a unique mastery of 100% automated molecular assembly processes, enabling the production of proteins, amino acid by amino acid.




Institutes and Foundations

Academic Research

Our mission, vision, values

Develop and accelerate your projects for the production of therapeutic proteins and vaccines.
Making today's and tomorrow's biopharmaceuticals purer and safer.


Our expertise in protein synthesis, cultivated over 20 years, enables us to meet the challenges of design and production for your therapeutic proteins.


We listen to your needs to collaboratively build therapeutic proteins which enhance human health.


Over the past 11 years, X’PROCHEM has dedicated itself to the successful completion of all entrusted projects.


In pharmaceutical projects, changes are frequent, and some are unforeseeable. We adapt to your needs and any changes you may encounter.

Our protein synthesis process:

We master the protein synthesis process, introducing specific modifications to meet your most demanding needs. Protein creation is a true collaboration. We work hand in hand to design, customize, and optimize your proteins to best suit your requirements.


Design – Tailored Proteins

We design the desired protein (fusion, cyclic, post-translational or specific modifications).


Protein Synthesis – Automated Synthesis

We synthesize the protein amino acid by amino acid using our innovative and automated technology.


Purification – High Purity

We reach high purity without the need for multiple purifications.


Folding – Maximizing Biological Activity

We fold the protein if necessary to ensure its biological activity.

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