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X’PROCHEM relies on an automated molecular assembly platform. Each protein is assembled amino acid by amino acid, thanks to a fully controlled production chain: a more precise and versatile technology which surpasses the limitations of conventional chemical and biological production methods.

It allows the production of proteins with superior purity, including:

It offers broad possibilities for optimizing proteins in order to maximize their therapeutic potential :

  • Lengths up to 400 amino acids
  • Native or modified proteins
  • Complete control over protein structure
  • High purity guaranteed :
    • Without isoforms
    • Without residues
    • Without biological contaminants
    • Without endotoxins

Robotic Molecular Assembly

Our innovative technology is based on a unique mastery of 100% automated molecular assembly processes, allowing the production of proteins, amino acid by amino acid.


Synthesis of the fragment: Amino acids are pieced together one by one to form the desired fragment.


Assembly of fragments: Synthesized fragments are assembled to obtain the desired protein.


Obtaining the linear protein.


Folding of the protein if necessary. The linear protein is folded to ensure its biological activity.


Obtaining the folded protein.

Exclusive and Patented Technologies

X’PROCHEM’s technology is built upon internationally recognized research efforts, safeguarded by a portfolio of patents and proprietary expertise.


Interferon Alpha-2a

We successfully synthetized pure and perfectly structured Interferon Alpha-2a at 10 mg scale

165 amino acids

2 Disulfides Bridges

Interferon Alpha-2a (INF Alpha-2a) is a type 1 interferon that consists of 165 amino acid residues, which is a therapeutic mid-size protein, is traditionnaly produced by recombinant technology. This cytokine marketed under the brandname ROFERON-A®, is extensively used for its antiviral and antineoplastic properties.

Assembly strategy

We employed a 3-fragments assembly strategy in order to ensure optimized yield and purity. Fragments were synthetized by classical Solid Phase Peptide Synthesis with our proprietary resin and purified with RP-HPLC.

The assembly of the linear protein used our proprietary technology in a one-pot reaction, without any intermediary purification. Purification of the linear protein was done by RP-HPLC.

Folding of the protein

By using modification in the protein sequence, we performed a highly efficient folding in solution, leading to high yields. After completion of the folding step, the liberation of the native folded protein was done by in-situ treatment. The final purification of the protein was performed by RP-HPLC or HIC methods.

Final characterisation

To ensure opitmal purity and correct structure of Interferon Alpha-2a had been achieved, we anlaysed this mid-size protein with the highly and reliable chromatographic and mass spectrometry methods, which we have developed..

Strong QA/QC ensured a purity in excess of 95 % of the final Interferon Alpha-2a.

Structural characterisation

Interferon Alpha-2a is known to have 2 disulfides bridges: Cys1-Cys98 and Cys29-Cys138. We demonstrated the correct cysteines by enzymatic digestion (trypsine) and UHPLC/Mass Spectometry analysis of resulting fragments.