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X’PROCHEM offers pharma and biotech companies services for the design and production of therapeutic proteins.

These services are based on proprietary expertise and an exclusive robotic molecular assembly platform, allowing us to construct tailor-made proteins, amino acid by amino acid.

This platform provides extensive optimization possibilities for proteins in order to maximize their therapeutic potential:

  • Production of large proteins with complete structural control.
  • Obtention of a protein pure enough for use in human health.
  • Design and production of proteins which can’t be produced by biological
    methods (membrane proteins, toxins, etc.).
  • Optimization of protein structure to maximize therapeutic efficacy.

We master the protein synthesis process, introducing specific modifications to meet your most demanding needs. Protein creation is a true collaboration. We work hand in hand to design, customize, and optimize your proteins to best suit your requirements.

Our protein synthesis process



Tailored Proteins

We design the desired protein (fusion, cyclic, post-translational or specific modifications).



Protein Synthesis

Automated Synthesis

We synthesize the protein amino acid by amino acid using our innovative and automated technology.




High Purity

We reach high purity without the need for multiple purifications.



Maximizing Biological Activity

We fold the protein if necessary to ensure its biological activity.


Expertise, Innovation, and Customer Satisfaction are Our Priorities.

Our R&D department works daily to enhance our production processes and introduce new products and services.

Our R&D team, comprising researchers and scientists, optimizes and develops manufacturing processes to address specific issues related to your proteins (solubility, purity, or functionality).

Optimization of Your Proteins

With its expertise and exclusive technological platform, X’PROCHEM designs and optimizes molecular structures with the aim of making them


More stable

More soluble

Biologically more active

Customized Production of Therapeutic Proteins

The X’PROCHEM platform is tailored for protein production at all development stages, ranging from research to clinical batch production.

The automated production methods employed by X’PROCHEM facilitate a smooth and rapid transition to the industrial stage :

Assembly of proteins amino acid by amino acid

Complete mastery of the production process

Reproducibility of processes

Therapeutic Domains

X’PROCHEM teams are dedicated to the production of therapeutic molecules for human health.

They have significant experience in various therapeutic areas or specialties :



Autoimmune diseases




Parkinson's disease




Quality Assurance

Since 2021, X’PROCHEM has been certified ISO 9001:2015. This internationally recognized certification qualifies our processes, products, and services, ensuring they meet the highest standards for quality and performance.

Quality and certifications