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The world of mid size protein biologics

The X'Prochem project, led by Reda MHIDIA and Julien DHEUR, aims at the chemical production of natural and / or modified proteins for the pharmaceutical industry for the development of biologics.

About US

Our vision

Make today’s & tomorrow bio-pharmaceuticals better and more accessible.

Our Mission

X’PROCHEM is a biotech company with proprietary chemical technology platform , which helps its bio-pharma partners design and create therapeutic, vaccine and diagnostic  mid-size proteins.
History Xprochem

As inventors of an advanced and proprietary ligation technology, we help our clients solve their challenges in designing and producing mid-size therapeutic, vaccine and diagnostic proteins.

History Xprochem
Client First

We exist because you exist. We consider you as partners. We listen, we ask questions, we listen again, so that we understand your real needs, within your context. Then, we co-develop solutions with you.

History Xprochem

As a reliable business partner, we build “trust” by sharing your passion and ambitions, and bringing in new skills and ideas. We are dedicated to effectively working through any situation together.

History Xprochem

We know that in any pharmaceutical project, everything cannot be anticipated and changes are common. So, by working closely with you, we can adapt to your changing needs and circumstances.  

The values driving us

We thank them for their confidence and trust.

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