Unique Mid-Size Proteins

Precise and “Clean”

Unlike recombinant fermentation, X’PROCHEM delivers mid-size proteins without isoforms, endotoxins or biological contaminants

We call “mid-size proteins”, those peptides that comprise between 70 to 400 amino acids. According to the UniProtKB database, this class of proteins represents more than 60% of the total number of evidenced human proteins. We can produce not only native mid-size protein but also precisely modified proteins. A large panel of modification are compatible with our skills and technologies:
  • Phosphorylation / Glycosylation / PEGylation
  • Non-natural, labelled and D-amino acids
By building those mid-size proteins, atom by atom, we ensure localization of any modifications with absolute precision. Proteins synthesized chemically are inherently of very high quality and purity. They have no isoforms, no endotoxins, no biological contaminants.
, Unique Mid-Size Proteins
Cyclic protein
, Unique Mid-Size Proteins
Fusion proteins

, Unique Mid-Size Proteins
Unnatural amino acids

, Unique Mid-Size Proteins