ElisabethBaumelou-Torck, M.D.

ElisabethBaumelou-Torck, M.D.

Dr. Elisabeth Baumelou-Torck is a physician specialized in hematology and oncology with extensive clinical and research experience.

Dr. Baumelou-Torck founded the Hemato-Oncology Department of Foch Hospital in Paris area and served as Associate Manager until 2000.

In Lille (North of France), she has coordinated a research network with the Regional University Hospital (the largest University Hospital in Europe), before founding and leading the Catholic Hospitals Research Council. 

Along her clinical and research activities, Elisabeth has been extensively involved with the French High Health Authority and National Drug Agency in different managing functions and expert capacities, notably as:

  • Member of the Pharmacovigilance Commission, Member of CNEDIMTS
  • Head of the Pharmaco-Toxico-Clinical Unit in the Department for the Assessment of Drugs and Biologicals of ANSM (formerly AFSSAPS)
  • Medical Expert in Gene & Cell Therapy and Hemato-Oncology Working Group
  • Medical Expert in the Public Health & Post-Approval Research Working Group

In addition, Dr. Baumelou-Torck has participated to number of assessments and reviews of applications at and with the European Medical Agency.