Sharing ideas, efforts and success

X’PROCHEM is your partner of choice to co-develop your mid-size protein API, from the early stage to clinical success.

Thanks to our know-how and proprietary technology, we support our clients throughout the whole development of their mid-size proteins, either as “starting materials” or future APIs.

We team-up with our partners, from the very outset by working closely together, designing, customizing and optimizing fully-active leads for their pre-clinical development and beyond.

X’PROCHEM’s aims to deliver the highest purity mid-size proteins, at milligrams scale, already from early R&D stage.

Biologicals are strongly linked to their manufacturing processes. For a riskless development, we contribute to our partners’ projects by providing strong chemical ligation expertise and our most up-to-date synthesis, purifying and testing lab equipment in order to reach the best manufacturing process for entering later scale-up stage.

One of our commitments is to deliver products with the highest purity,endotoxins-free, thereby maximizing probability of success at each development step and until full GMP production at multi-grams scale is needed.